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The Progress Report was an idea that started with a group of friends around a fire pit in the fall of 2019. The idea grew as we became more aware of how often LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC folx had to fight to be heard.


Representation in local media and entertainment at the time was almost non existent. At first we tried to partner with different nonprofit organizations but none seemed interested in this little upstart idea. After careful consideration we decided to just do it on our own. We gathered our friends and pitched the idea to them. The original team of five grew to nine in no time. 

Its a true partnership where everyone on the team is responsible for their area of expertise (or learned expertise) but also gives and takes feedback from the whole team. The team has been learning as we go but always encouraging and helping each other. 


Your Host Dion Sage

Dion was the perfect choice to host The Progress Report. As a proud black, gay, Christian Dion is no stranger to having to fight to have his voice heard. Dion has been an advocate for the LGBTQIA+ BIPOC community his entire life.  Dion's compassion and love for the community is apparent not just during the show but every moment of his life.